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Publication Date: October 26, 2014
“Sports Concussions: What Every Parent and Athlete Should Know” has been written to help parents, coaches, and athletes gain the most current understanding of concussion, including methods of diagnosis, available treatments, and research advances under study. Most importantly, this book is designed to alert parents to the dangers of concussion and repeat concussion, what critically important steps to take in the event of concussion, which medical specialists provide the optimum care for concussion patients, how-when-and-IF the athlete should return to play, and when an athlete should stop playing contact sports.

Data show that children between 5 -18 years of age have the highest rates of sports/recreation-related concussion. Contrary to popular belief, most concussion patients do not lose consciousness and concussion does not always involve a direct blow to the head. Diagnosing concussion can be difficult. Currently, there is no specific test that can diagnose or rule out concussion definitively. In fact, MRI and CT scans typically show normal results.

As parents and coaches, knowing what to do and what not to do can be equally important when an athlete experiences concussion. Qualified health care providers are not always present at a competitive event and knowledgeable parents and coaches can play an important role in assuring the injured athlete receives appropriate care. Thus, it is important for parents and coaches to know the symptoms and signs of acute concussion to know what to do next.

This book provides a comprehensive understanding of concussion and its consequences and gives readers the tools and knowledge to act appropriately and responsibly when faced with a concussion-injured student athlete. Readers will learn that anyone who experiences a concussion should be removed from play immediately and not permitted to return to play or practice that day under any circumstances.

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American Family Physician
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Annals of Emergency Medicine
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